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Bio & Profession 

Registered Kinesiology • Sports Therapist • Strength Coach

Malik Carby-Corbett is a Toronto-based kinesiologist specializing in movement and performance optimization. He has worked with organizations such as Sportside Medical Services, Rugby Ontario and Special Olympics, Power Edge Pro, and Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports. In addition to this work, Malik is known as an educator, having taught courses on Athletic Taping, Entry to Practice Exam Prep, and more. 

Malik graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber and had always had a passion and curiosity of the inner workings of the human body, and how all the system can be optimized and expressed through athletics.

Malik uses exercise and various manual techniques to assess the unique movement demands and intrinsic system in the human body, fixing dysfunction at all ability levels. Malik has worked with a multitude of clients across the performance spectrum from weekend warriors, to clients returning from surgery/injury, and elite provincial and national level athletes looking for their competitive edge.

“No matter where you are on the spectrum of injury to elite performance, a Kinesiologist can make you better. If you're injured and kin can do a functional assessment to determine the dysfunction and rehab you. If your gen pop looking to get fit then a Kin can design an appropriate program to get your goals. If you’re an athlete a Kin can use the principles of biomechanics, physiology, strength and conditioning to elevate your performance to the next level”
– foundational pillars of Malik The Kin